1/72 2000L fuel tanks for Mirage 2000 RPL541/542

1/72 2000L fuel tanks for Mirage 2000 RPL541/542

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  • Marke:Syhart
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Syhart - 1/72 2000L fuel tanks for Mirage 2000 1x pair resin RPL541/542 for Dassault Mirage 2000 all french versions and few export versions.
This kit consists of four very high resolution 3D-printed resin parts and an A5 instruction page allowing simple assembly of a pair of 2000 liter tanks for Mirage 2000 RPL541 & RPL542.

The RPL541 & 542 tanks Releasable underwings Tanks are used on all versions of French Mirage 2000s and some export variants. The Mirage 2000D and N fly almost exclusively with these tanks, yet they are rare in model boxes. Many spacially painted Mirage 2000s carry these tanks, including among the « Syhart » productions

These parts were made from measurements taken directly on real tanks.

They are hollow in order to be light once placed under the wings, and do not have any irregularity due to printing. The engravings of the welds are finely reproduced in relief such as the real welds, the various hatches and plugs are finely engraved on all the faces, finally the fins are thin but solid. The assembly is protected in a 'cage' allowing transport and storage of the kit without breakage, in particular the fins.