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1/48 Curtiss P-40, part 1

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Print Scale - 1/48 Curtiss P-40C, CU. Part 1
P-40-CU Unit: 33rd PS, 8th PG, Usaac Serial: 21/8P P-40-CU, 33rd Pursuit Squadron, 1941. The squadron's emblem appeared
On the fuselage and the aircraft had white-edged red wheel discs.
P-40C Unit: 44th PS, 44th FG, Usaac Serial: 337 Based at Bellows Field in HawaII at the time of the Japanese attack on 7
December 1941.
P-40C Unit: 33rd FS, 8th FG, Usaac Iceland, August 1941.
P-40-CU Unit: 79th PS, 20th FG, Usaac Serial: 23/20P. Hamilton Field, California, circa 1941. Camouflage: dark olive drab above and neutral grey below, with 'US ARMY' in large letters under the wings. Recognizing the plane was made easier by the placing
The number of the group to which it belonged on the tail as well as the specific emblem to each squadron.