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1/48 Ilyushin Il-28 RT/U Beagle/Mascot

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  • Marke:Hi Decal
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Hi Decal - 1/48 Ilyushin Il-28 RT/U Beagle/Mascot (5)
- red 2088, 929th Bomber battalion, North Vietnamese Air Force,in green/aluminium scheme, 1972.
On 9 October 1972, Il-28 2088 and Il-28R 2184 successfully bombed the LS32 CIA/Air America base and runway at Bouam Long in Laos with cluster bombs and OFAB-250 fragmentation bombs, causing severe damage to the installations.
- NAF 802, Nigerian Air Force,in sand/green/grey-green camouflage during the Biafran Civil War, 1969.
- red 19, Il-28RT Elint version with double belly radome, Hungarian Air Force,1965.
- red S-3, Il-28 U Mascot, Polish Navy, Siemirowice AB, 1970
- 193, Il-28U Mascot, East German Air Force, Peenemünde AB,1975 [Il-28T]