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1/48 McDonnell F-4 Edwards Test

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Caracal Models - 1/48 McDonnell F-4 'Edwards Test
Multiple marking options for USAF F-4D, NF-4E and RF-4C operated by the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Afb over the years.
The F-4E Phantoms featured on this sheet are all early, hard-wing aircraft
The options on this decal sheet are:
NF-4D 66-7716
NF-4E 66-0289
YF-4E 65-0713 'Glamourous Glennis' (Chuck Yeager's final USAF flight)
YF-4E 65-0713, later sharkmouth scheme
NF-4E 66-0289, Alcm chase aircraft
NF-4E 66-0319
NRF-4C 65-0850
NRF-4C 63-7744