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1/72 Rnzaf Douglas Sbd Dauntless

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Ventura - 1/72 Rnzaf Douglas Sbd Dauntless, 4x options.

- SBD-3 NZ208, home based, September 1943

- SBD-5 NZ5055, 'He'll Be Back Again'. Early version

- SBD-5 NZ5061, 'Boxing Kangaroo'

- SBD-5 NZ5064, 'He'll Be Back Again'. Late version

SBD-3 NZ208 colour scheme. Dauntless SBD-3 NZ208 was an ex US Marine Corps aircraft painted in US Blue Gray upper surfaces and US Light Gray lower surfaces. It was initially flow in New Zealand still wearing it's Marine Corps markings. SBD-5 colour scheme. NZ5055-57-61 and NZ5064 wore the US Navy 'Basic (Non Specular) Camouflage Scheme', often, unofficially, referred to as the 'Three Tone Scheme' in the RNZAF. Colour are, Ana 606 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue upper wings and tailplanes, 607 Non-Specular Sea Blue upper fuselage, wing and tailplane leading edges, 608 Intermediate Blue fuselage sides and vertical tail, 601 Insignia White undersurfaces. Flap interiors are 619 Insignia Red and cockpit interior is 611 Interior Green. Propellor cap is Intermediate Blue, blades are black with 614 Orange Yellow tips.