1/32 Smokewinder resin Smoke pod for demonstrators

1/32 Smokewinder resin Smoke pod for demonstrators

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Syhart - 1/32 Smokewinder. 1x pair of resin Smoke pod for demonstrators. This kit consists of two resin parts printed in very high resolution 3D and an A6 instruction page allowing a simple placement of a pair of «smokewinders» used on many aircrafts for aerial demonstrations.

Smokewinders are used as smoke generators on many types of aircrafts around the world. Placed on wingtips or under wings, F-16, Rafale, Gripen, Eurofighter, Mirage 2000, L-159 ALCA, F-20, T-50, Mig-29OVT... These are just a few examples that regularly flys with smokewinders. If a plane carry smoke generators, there is a big chance that it will be smokewinders, as is the case for the majority of Solo Displays, including among the «Syhart» references

These parts were designed from measurements taken directly on real smokewinders.

They have no printing irregularities, the fins are thin but strong. The parts are protected in a «cage» allowing transport and storage without breakage, including fins.