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1/144 Me 262B/CS-92 Jet Trainer

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Mark I Models - 1/144Messerschmitt Me-262B Schwalbe Jet Trainer (2in1 = 2 kits in 1 box)(Luftwaffe, CzAF)
The Me 262 Schwalbe was a German jet fighter designed by the team led by Willy Messerschmitt. It was one of the most advanced warplanes to see front-line service during WWII. Its protracted development began in 1939, but aerodynamics research work and jet engine development delayed its mass production.
The training aircraft based on the Me 262A-series was conceived in August 1943, but its prototype, a Blohm und Voss-converted Me 262 S5 was first flown only in July 1944.
In total, some 29 Me 262Bs were modified, with the conversions shared between B&Part38V and DLH, and in fact all two-seaters were adapted from existing Me 262A airframes. Of these, nine aircraft were later upgraded to the combat night-fighter variant, the Me 262B-1a/U1.
The Me 262B was an all-metal low-wing monoplane, of a streamlined design and with two cockpits in tandem. It was powered by two Jumo 004 turbojets suspended under the wings. It was fitted with a swept-back wing and a tricycle landing gear. It had a long clear-view canopy and was fitted with a non-ejection seats. The original Me 262A s on-board offensive armament was to be deleted, but some B-model aircraft carried two or even four Mk 108 cannons in the fuselage nose.
A number of Me 262s fell into Allied hands and some were examined in Britain, the Ussr and the Usa post-war. In Czechoslovakia, three two-seater CS-92s were completed and utilised by the Air Force until 1951.
Colour schemes included in the kit:
1) Messerschmitt Me 262 S5/B-1a (V15), Black VI+AJ (W.Nr. 130010), Blohm und Voss, Luftwaffe, Wenzendorf Air Base, Germany, July 1944
2)Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a, White S, B3+SH (W.Nr. 170075), 1./KG(J) 54, Luftwaffe, Giebelstadt Air Base, Germany, November 1944
3)Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a, White Z, B3+ZM (W.Nr. 111643), 4./KG(J) 54, Luftwaffe, Lu ?ec nad Vltavou airfield, Bohemia-Moravia Protectorate, May 1945
4)Avia CS-92 (modified Me 262B-1), Black KR-35 (c/n 5), 5th Fighter Sq. (5. st hac letka), Czechoslovak Air Force (vojensk? letectvo SLA), Mlad? Air Base, spring 1951
Two ex-Eduard injection-moulded kits are supplied in this box and each kit contains 38 parts and one clear part (the cockpit canopy). One small fret with photo-etched parts and a comprehensive decal sheet are included.