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1/72 Beech XA-38 Grizzly

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  • Marca:Anigrand Craftswork
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Anigrand Craftswork - 1/72 Beech XA-38 Grizzly. In 1942, Usaaf requested for a new heavy armored ground attack airplane as a replacement of the Douglas A-20 Havoc. Beech Aircraft Corp had already started work on the design of the Model 28 Destroyer' which specification met to the requirement. So a contract was awarded to Beech for two prototypes that designated XA-38 and re-named 'Grizzly' with competition in Hughes XA-37 (later changed to XF-11). For ground attack purpose, the aircraft wore a cannon and two guns in the nose, as well as with two remote-controlled turrets on the fuselage. Two powerful Wright engines as served same in the Boeing B-29A Superfortress bomber were chosen to drive this heavy machine. First flight was made in 1944. The aircraft proved satisfactory and better than expected. However, due to the lack of engines at war, Boeing B-29A Superfortress had top priority to use the engines inventory. It led to the A-38 not ordered and served in quantity. After the second prototype tested in September 1945. The Usaaf lost interest in the attack bomber and the project was cancelled.