Urban Wars In Modern conflicts

Urban Wars In Modern conflicts

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AK Interactive - Urban Wars In Modern conflicts

Bilingual english and spanish. 140 pages. Semi-hard cover.

Modern warfare often spills over into cities and rural areas populated by civilians. Sometimes the population has been evacuated and other times civilians are still living in cities during conflicts. Urban combat is very different from open field combat on tactical and operational levels. The fierce urban battles in Aleppo and Mosul, Hue, 1968, Algiers, 1956-1957, Beirut, 1975-1990, Sarajevo, 1992-1996, Falluja, 2004, Syria, Donbas, etc have a common effect: they suppose a systematic destruction of the cities and show an environment that repeats itself. All these urban wars have so many aspects in common that it is often difficult to even identify which conflict a scene may belong to if we do not look closely at the details of the buildings or the equipment, as we will see in this book of spectacular 1:35 scale dioramas.