Aces High Monographic series: SKYHAWK

Aces High Monographic series: SKYHAWK

CHF 16.20


AK Interactive - Aces High Monographic SERIES: SKYHAWK

English 112 pages. Soft cover.

Encouraged by the extremely positive reception of the Hind Special, we add the second volume to the Aces High Monographic Series.

This issue is devoted to modelling the famous A-4 Skyhawk which entered service 65 years ago but still remains in limited use.

Detailed articles prepared by our editor Daniel Zamarbide will guide you through the processes of construction, painting and weathering of 3 variants of the Scooter, finished in 3 significantly different liveries.

Each of them is complemented by an article discussing the service of the particular variant with the chosen operator, illustrated with several quality photos.

Colour profiles created by renowned British artist Chris Sandham-Bailey are also included.


  • FUERZA AREA Argentina A-4C
  • U.S. Navy A-4E
  • ISRAELI Air Force A-4N

All models by Daniel Zamarbide