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1/48 Curtiss P-40, part 2

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Print Scale - 1/48 Curtiss P-40C, CU. Part 2
P-40-CU Unit: 55th PS, 20th PG, USAAC. Serial: 100/20P End of 1940 beginning of 1941. The aircraft bearing camouflage which was typical of the period, dark olive drab above and neutral grey below, with 'US ARMY' in large letters under the wings. On the top surface of left wing, tactical marking is repeated. This unit was previously equipped with P-36s.
P-40-CU Unit: 35th PS, 8th PG, Usaac Serial: 58/8P.
P-40-CU Unit: 35th PS, 8th PG, Usaac Serial: 17/35P. P-40-CU, 35th Pursuit Squadron, end 1941. At the time the nationality roundels had replaced the unit insignia on the fuselage. The red, white and blue nationality markings on the tail have been painted over with olive drab, the white band indicates a unit commander.
P-40-CU. Unit: 65th PS, 57th PG, USAAF. Serial: 51/57P. Mitchell Field, NY., East Coast Air Defence, early 1942. Camouflage: Olive drab, Neutral Grey.
P-40-CU. Unit: Avg (ex 54th PG, USAAC). Serial: 97/54P. P-40 of the first production series. The plane in colours of 54th Pg was
Given to Avg (American Volunteer Group), Summer 1942.