Who is GDkits / Where is the store ?

GDkits is managed by Gabriel, passionated by scale modelling, helped by his wife Dominique for some administrative tasks. The stock is actually in Vétroz, near Sion, in Switzerland, where it's possible to come on appointment for shopping. I'm also prensent on some scale modeling exposition in french part of Switzerland and off course, on Internet.

Which language do we speak ?

We speak English, French, German, Italian.

Which payments modes do you accept?

You can pay by Bank order using different accounts based on currency:


Gabriel Giordano - Gdkits
Rue des Semailles 23C
1963 Vétroz, Switzerland
IBAN: CH40 8080 8001 3544 9884 8
IID (n° BC): 80808


Gabriel Giordano - Gdkits
Rue des Semailles 23C
1963 Vétroz, Switzerland
IBAN: CH79 8080 8003 2369 5435 1
IID (n° BC): 80808


Gabriel Giordano - Gdkits
Rue des Semailles 23C, 1963 Vétroz
CCP: 14-702360-8
IBAN CH55 0900 0000 1470 2360 8

On Paypal we accept payments in CHF, Euros, £ and US$ at address and also the main credit cards.

In Switzerland we also accept Swiss Postcard or Postfinance payment

Unfortunately we cannot accept payment by cheque.

Where do you deliver ?

We delive Worldwide.

How much will the postage cost ?

The shipping cost is calculated online automatically on the last step of your order process, before you validate it, based on the destination, the size and the weight of the purchased items. On some cases, the price cannot be calculated automatically by the system and it will return a default shipping cost for the country.
In any case, once the parcel has been shipped, we refund the unused shipping on your Paypal account, refund on your parcel or any system which doesn't cost some fee to refund. If we cannot refund you, we will make a credit note on our site.

What do the stock information/shipping delay mean ?

Delays inform you on average time we will get the article from the provider and then ship to you.
We make orders regularly to our providers but some have craftsman production and make only little series or make production on demand so they have no stock. Some craftsman brands may require 2 to 4 monts to be delivered.

Must I wait the item is on stock before order it ?

Absolutely not, you need to order it to get it. For keeping our prices low, we work mainly on ordered items than on stock items. This mean that most of the items will be ordered to our providers once you have ordered it on our site and not before. Large stocks costs a lot of money and it's what you pay when you purchase to a shop which has everything on stock. We keep a low stock anyway.

How long will I wait to get out of stock items back on stock again?

As said in the previous question, we don't restock most of the items. Don't wait for the article to be on stock again, order it and we will order it to our provider and will deliver very quickly.

I would like to have an item you don't have on your site, can you get it ?

You can contact us with you requested item giving as much informations as you can (at least manufacturer and reference)
If you have the manufacturer's website it will helps too. We will then tell you if we can get it.

I ordered some items but didn't receive them yet.

We only process orders once they are paid and products ordered to the providers at this date.

I received my order and a refund, why ?

Our policy is to refund any unused amount. If we get a better price from provider, an unavailable product or cheaper sending fees, then we refund you the difference

What happens if items aren't available anymore ?

If some items aren't available anymore, we refund them. We will refund on your Paypal account or by wire bank transfer in Switzerland if they are no fee while refunding. We may also send you the refund in the parcel when we ship your order when possible. To avoid a refund, you can choose other products of same value by sending us an email with desired replacement article so we may update your order. If we can't refund you, then you will have a credit note for a future purchase

May I add some items on my order ?

Yes you can by creating a new order. When we detect you have active orders, we will try to group them. If this isn't possible, we will send you as many parcels as you have orders. If you absolutely want only one parcel for all your orders, you can send us an email or put in the comment when you make the new orders and we will group the orders. Off course, we will refund the unused postage.

If I've more than one order, how to regroup them / Do you group orders ?

When possible or on request, we will group the orders and refund the unused postage. If it takes very long to get some items or when there is a long delay due to the different orders, we may do some partial delivery.

Split of orders

Sometimes due to long delay on some brands or manufacturers we have to send partial orders for the items we have on stock then send the last items on a later parcel, so you can get your order on a few parcels.

Which is the status of my order / Which items of my order did you receive yet and which is the delay for the others ?

While processing your order, we regularly send you an email with informations for every item, telling if they arrived or the expected delay. This status is updated as soon as we receive items of your order. You can see the item's orders status at any time by connecting on your account and looking at your order history in "My account" -> "View the orders I have made".

When my order has been shipped / How to track my parcel ?

As soon as your parcel has been shipped, you will receive an email with the shipping date, the shipping method (Economy or Priority, both without tracking number), the Tracking Number when available and the refund amount when there is any.

Order cancellation

You can cancel your order, except artisan brand items that have been expressly ordered (cancellation will be handled on a case-by-case basis).
If the cancellation occurs within the stated replenishment period (2-4 weeks), the payment fee as well as 10% of the order value will be deducted from the refund.
If additional reimbursement charges should apply, they will also be deducted from the reimbursement.

I sent you an email but didn't get an answer

We will only answer to Emails which answer isn't in this FAQ. Please check this FAQ before contacting us. If you don't find an anwer to your question in the FAQ, you can contact us by the form below. Please allow a few days to get an answer and remember that even if we are on Internet, we don't work on Saturday and Sunday.

If you didn't get an answer from this FAQ, you can contact us by the form below
the special period we are living in has caused a lot of people to go back to building models. We therefore have longer restocking times, also due to extended delivery times. Believe me, I go out of my way to get the items as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience.
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