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1/72 M3A2 Ods Bradley

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Dragon - 1/72 M3A2 Ods Bradley
The M3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (CFV) is closely related to the more common M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). Physical differences between the M2 and M3 are subtle. For example, the M3 Cfv does not have firing ports in the rear hull, while it also carries more spare Tow missiles and other ammunition rounds. Its role is also quite different, with armored cavalry units using them for reconnaissance/scouting tasks. After the Gulf War, the Cfv was modified into the M3A2 ODS. This Operation Desert Storm variant featured a laser rangefinder, tactical navigation system, thermal imager for the driver, missile countermeasure device and Force Xxi Battle Command Brigade and Below system.
Newly tooled soldiers' backpacks can be attached to the hull sides of the M3A2 Ods Bradley CFV, as is often seen on vehicles in combat zone photos. The tracks are convenient one-piece types. This Armor Pro kit is a very well-engineered kit, and it perfectly captures the look of the M3A2 Bradley.