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1/32 Bf-109G Cockpit Stencils, Placards with Instrument panel

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  • Brand:Barracuda Studios
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Barracuda Studios - 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf-109G Cockpit Stencils, Placards with Instrument Panel. This set consists of a decal sheet that gives you all the small stencils and placards typically found in Bf 109G cockpits. It also includes a beautifully detailed resin instrument casting that can be painted up and a choice of two different printings of the instrument faces: Scale instrument markings that are very fine, and another more bold set if you prefer them to be more visible. It even includes 2 different marking styles for the O2 regulator. Crazy fussy stuff, but if you want a really interesting cockpit, these will surely inject some life into yours. Complete with detailed color instructions. For all Bf 109G kits.
Decals by Chris Busbridge,
Panel by Kerry Carlyle.