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1/48 HMM-264 Black Knights Usmc

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AOA Decals - 1/48 HMM-264 (Rein) Black Knights Usmc BAe V-8B NA, AV-8B+, Boeing CH-46E, & CH-53E on Uss Bataan. This 1/48 sheet covers multiple aircraft of the composite squadron from the 26th MEU, the reinforced HMM-264 Black Knights aboard the Uss Bataan (LHD-5) in 2006-2007.

7 Marking Options Included:

AV-8B Night Attack Harrier (1 option)

AV-8B+ Harrier (1 option)

CH-53E Super Stallion (2 options, including one with 'Lucky Lady' artwork)

CH-46E Sea Knights (3 options)

Although each aircraft type has similar markings overall, the minor differences between them are faithfully captured. Multiple options also allows potentially modeling a flight deck diorama.

Unlike the majority of Aoa releases, only the specific unique markings are provided for each scheme, therefore kit decals will need to be used as appropriate for common airframe data/stencils, national insignia, etc.

Also different for this release compared to the usual Aoa instructions: rather than illustration/profiles, the instructions consist entirely of the actual aircraft reference photos.