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1/72 Sikorsky S-67

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Anigrand Craftswork - 1/72 Sikorsky S-67
In 1964, U.S. Army lunched the AAFSS specification, that calling for an aircraft with a high-speed cruising and long-time hovering capability. Sikorsky submitted the S-66 pusher tail rotor project that competitor with Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne. The AH-56 won the contest but failed to meet the expectations. For intended to replace the AH-56, Sikorsky self-venture developed a simplified AAFSS that used a number of existing components to complete the S-67 Black Hawk. It was not only designed as a attack helicopter, but also served for other missions as troop transport, armed rescue and anti-submarine warfare. Sikorsky proposed the S-67 to Army as the AH-3 but never received order from Army. Flight test started by Sikorsky's test pilots in 1970, it established helicopter world speed record 220.89 mph in the same year. In 1971, U.S. Army joined the evaluation program but it was judged unsatisfactory to meet the new competition. S-67 was finally destroyed in crash at 1974 Farnborough air show