Tint INC. Issue 03

Tint INC. Issue 03

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AK Interactive - Tint INC. Issue 03

English, 96 pages. Semi-hard cover.

In this third issue we bring you a selection of articles where you can enjoy different techniques from the best painters of the moment.

To the seven step-by-step articles on historical and fantasy themes, we add our special interview sections and our own articles.

First level artists working to show us all their secrets.

We continue trying to offer the reader a modern and lively publication that puts this type of art in its rightful place.

An essential magazine for figure painters and figure lovers in general.


  • EUROPEAN Knight / Caballero Europeo Danilo Cartaci
  • ROMAN Signifer / Signifer Romano Fabio Nas
  • BATTLE Of Falaise 1944 / Batalla De Falaise 1944 Eduardo Fernndez
  • NEKO Galaxy Eduardo Fernndez
  • A Coffee With Keigo Murakami / Un Cafe Con Keigo MURAKAMI
  • IT Cost MORE / Cuesta MS Banshee
  • DRAAKLL Erik Swinson
  • RED Lantern Alejandro Prieto
  • IRA David Arroba