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Pla ZBL-10 Apc

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Dragon - Pla ZBL-10 Apc
Dragon's Armor Pro series rounds out the 1/72 Type 09 8x8 vehicle family with the ZSL-10. The ZSL-10 is an armored personnel carrier (APC) variant of the family. It is easily identified by the raised roof over the passenger compartment at the rear of the vehicle, as well as a one-man manually operated cupola containing a 12.7mm heavy machine gun atop the vehicle. Alternatively, a remote weapon station is also available for use on the ZSL-10. The Apc version is amphibious as indicated by water jets mounted at the rear.
This is a stunning 1/72 scale model of the ZSL-10 APC, designed to speedily transport Chinese soldiers in Pla mechanized brigades. Slide molds are widely used to ensure accuracy and scale appearance in this kit. Furthermore, illustrating the fineness of the molding, the muzzle of the 12.7mm machine gun is hollow to make it more realistic. Dragon's 1/72 replica of the Chinese military's wheeled Apc is truly masterful, allowing modelers to establish their own Pla mechanized units with different variants.