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1/72 Pla ZTL-11 Assault Vehicle

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Dragon - 1/72 Pla ZTL-11 Assault Vehicle
Dragon's Armor Pro series has introduced several 1/72 scale kits of the Chinese Type 09 8x8 Afv family that is often referred to as the Snow Leopard. The subject of this particular kit is the ZTL-11 armoured assault vehicle, the concept is akin to that of the Stryker M1128 Mobile Gun System (MGS) used by the US Army. In the turret of the amphibious ZLT-11 is a 7.62mm machine gun alongside a 105mm rifled main gun with thermal sleeve, fume extractor and muzzle brake. Weighing more than 21 tonnes, the ZLT-11 is operated by a crew of four.
This is an absolutely splendid 1/72 scale model of the ZTL-11 mobile gun system, an asset that fortifies Pla mechanized brigades equipped with wheeled vehicles. Slide molds are widely used to ensure accuracy and scale appearance in this kit. Furthermore, the 105mm main gun can be optionally set at a horizontal elevation. Fine details such as the 12.7mm machine gun atop the turret or the smoke grenade dischargers are finely detailed. Indeed, Dragon's 1/72 replica of the Chinese military's ZTL-11 8x8 assault vehicle is a stunning piece of kit. Modelers will want to pounce on this well-endowed Snow Leopard!