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1/72 Pla ZBL-09 Ifv

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Dragon - 1/72 Pla ZBL-09 Ifv
The ZBL-09 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), which is part of the Type 09 8x8 vehicle family referred to as the Snow Leopard, is an important component of Pla mechanized brigades and therefore designed for speed and mobilit. The 21-tonne ZBL-09 was actually one of the first variants to enter Pla service in around 2009, and it has since spawned a whole range of versions. Crewed by three personnel and capable of carrying seven passengers, the amphibious ZBL09 Ifv travels at speeds of up to 100km/h on roads or 8km/h in water. The two-man turret mounts a 30mm cannon, coaxial machine gun and an HJ-73D anti-tank guided missile on either side.
Slide molds are widely used to ensure accuracy and scale appearance in this kit. Helpful touches such as opening turret hatches and opening rear door add to the realism. Furthermore, the 30mm cannon can be set at a particular elevation thanks to the optional gun sleeve. Dragon's 1/72 replica of the Chinese military's wheeled Ifv is simply a stunning piece of modern engineering. Modelers will want to pounce on this special Snow Leopard!