1/48 YF/F-23 Black Widows

1/48 YF/F-23 Black Widows

CHF 23.50


Furball Aero-Design - 1/48 'YF/F-23 Black Widows' (48-088). This set features options for the 2 protype aircraft from the Atf competition in the early 1990's, as well as 14 fictional 'What If' schemes. The fictional schemes represent what the F-23 might have looked like in operation service! Here's a rundown of the aircraft covered:

YF-23 Part1 87-0800, 1990 (Overall Gunship Gray scheme)

YF-23 Part2 87-0801, 1990 (Dark Ghost Gray and Light Ghost Gray scheme)

F-23A 03-4050, 5th FIS, MINOT, Afb (fictional Co jet for the 5th Fighter Interceptor Squadron)

F-23A 07-4149, 49TH FW, HOLLOMAN, Afb (Fictional 49th Fw Wing King)

F-23A 06-4111, 11TH AF, ELMENDORF, Afb (Fictional Co jet with 'Alaska' Nose art and 'Big Dipper' on the inner tail).

F-23A 05-4100, 1ST FW, LANGLEY, Afb (Fictional Wing King with 'Spirit of the Virginia Peninsula' nose art, as well a 'spy ballon' kill mark).

F-23A 02-4032, 32ND FG, SOESTERBERG, Ab (Fictional Wing King with 'Wolfhounds' nose art).

F-23A 03-4044, 44TH FS, KADENA, Ab (Fictional 44th Co jet with large samurai art on the inner tails).

F-23A 03-4053, 53RD FS, BITBURG, Ab (Fictional 53rd Co jet with tiger nose art).

F-23A 07-4133, 33RD FW, EGLIN, Afb (Fictional 33rd Wing King with 'Gulf Spirit' nose art and large eagle's head on the inner tails).

F-23A 05-4090, 390 FS, Mountain HOME, Afb (Fictional 390th Co jet with 'Spirit of Idaho' nose art).

F-23A 05-4093, 493 FS, LAKENHEATH, Ab (Fictional 493rd Co jet with large Skull squadron emblem on the inner tails. 3 Flanker kills on the nose).

RF-23A 09-4191, 9TH RW, BEALE, Afb (Fictional all black reconnaissance scheme with red markings).

F-23A 04-4065,65th AGRS, NELLIS, Afb (Fictional 3- gray splinter 'Felon' aggressor scheme).

Enough stencils are included to build 2 complete jets.