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Dioramas FAQ 1.3 Extension Storytelling, Composition & Planning

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Dioramas F.A.Q. 1.3 Extension Storytelling, Composition & Planning.
English 240 Pages. Soft Cover.

This annex 1.3 complement the book series of Dioramas FAQ and explores every aspect of diorama design and planning. What makes a good story and how can you get it across with models? Where can you find a good idea and how can you develop that idea into a successful project? How can you compose a diorama so that it tells its story best and looks good at the same time? How can you use colors, figures, accessories, scenery and bases effectively in your composition? How do you turn a historical photograph into a three dimensional scene? How do you plan a box diorama? This seemingly theoretical subject is treated in the most practical way, making it accessible and useful for every modeler.

All topics are clearly explained with concrete examples, drawings, photographs and step-bysteps.

528 illustrations contain over 300 AFV, aircraft, ship, car, SF and figure models and dioramas by Van Gills, one of the world’s best modelers ever.