Tint INC. Issue 04

Tint INC. Issue 04

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AK Interactive - Tint INC. Issue 04

84 pages. Semi-hard cover.

New issue of Tin Inc., the magazine aimed at figure painters. We have delayed this fourth issue to coincide with the celebration of the prestigious Freak Wars, when the first copies will be available for purchase. With this fourth issue, we have been with you for a year, which has given us time to evolve and grow.

A return to the Sun in which we have managed to reach the fans of this hobby and in which we have tried to convince the public that figure painting can be considered an art form. We have kept the magazine alive, implementing new sections with every release, interviews, surprises and first class articles. Many of the best painters in the world have already worked with us, and our intention is to continue to provide the reader with first class chapters. A high quality publication, available in Spanish and , with an ideal finish for collectors. We hope that this is only the first year of many, and that the fans of historical, fantasy, display or game modeling, as well as everyone who loves our world, will be satisfied.


  • UBBE, The Great Pagan Eduardo Fernandez
  • Fusilier Pepe Gallardo
  • LUNCH Break Calvin Tan
  • YOUNG Miniatures Eduardo Fernandez
  • A Coffe With Pepa SAAVEDRA
  • WHEN Art Is On TRIAL Scaramouche
  • ALICE Cross Sergio Vilches
  • KARAK Diego Esteban
  • ZABUL Josedavinci