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Chipping Essentials Weathering set

Chipping Essentials Weathering set
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Weathering set dedicated to the art of chipping. Inside we have included some of our best-selling weathering products such as: Worn Effects, Heavy Chipping, and our classic Chipping Color. Virtually any type of paint chip can be easily created. This is a truly universal set valuable to not only AFV modelers, but aircraft modelers, Sci-fi vehicles, trains and so much more. We have added a new product to this set, inside you will find Aluminium Chipping; a color perfect for replicating chips in paint that has been applied to aluminium surfaces. Don’t make the common mistake that a lot of modelers make, that being the use of the same color for chipping effects. A paint chip on an airplane wing should not look the same as a paint chip from a tank, or any other AFV.
This set contains:
_ AK089 Worn Effects
_ AK089 Heavy Chipping
_ AK711 Chipping Color
_ AK139 Aluminium Chipping
_ Chipping Essentials user guide included

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