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1/32 P-40 S.G.Ridny decals Born in 1917

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Profimodeller - 1/32 P-40 S.G.Ridny decals Born in 1917. Fought the Great Patriotic
War from June 1941 to February 1942 in
The 126 th Fighter Regiment. He scored
His first documented victory on June 22,
1941, downing a Ju 88. Senior Lieutenant.
Flew a MiG-3, I-16, P-40 Kittyhawk,
Completed 172 missions, scored 19 air
Victories (6+13).
Killed in air crash on February 17, 1942.
Hero of the Soviet Union (09.08.1941).
Tomahawk IIa (serial number AH965) 126 th
Fighter Regiment, Stepan Ridny's aircraft,
Winter1941-42, Moscow. The aircraft is painted
With whitewash paint. Lower surfaces are light
Greenish gray (sky) with black portwing
Unterside, earlywar stars without lining in 6