1/48 Mitsubishi Ki-21 Part 1

1/48 Mitsubishi Ki-21 Part 1

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Print Scale - 1/48 Mitsubishi Ki-21 Part 1
1. Ki-21-ll Kofor a Hamamatsu 2 Chutai Based at the Hamamatsu Flying School the tail markings have a white band through them which was a standard practice for this unit.

2. Ki-21-ll Otsu for b 1Sentai 2 Chutai 1Sentai operated throughout Malaysia and the Philippines during 1942. This aircraft shows yet a different application of camouflage with continual bands sprayed on all upper surfaces.

3. Ki-21-ll Otsu for b White 7 By mid 1944 an increasing number of aircraft did not display Sentai markings on the tail, making it hard to identify the unit. Instead a code number was applied in white. This aircraft was based at Kamiri, Noemfoor Island, Dutch East Indies during May 1944.

4. Ki-21-ll Otsu for b 5 Hikoshidan Based in Japan this aircraft bears the markings of the Head Quarters painted in White on the tail. Camouflage was applied with a brush covering the fuselage and upper surfaces.

5. Ki-21-ll Otsu for b 60 Sentai 3 Chutai This aircraft wore seemingly random areas of two shades of Green which were applied to the upper surfaces. Normally the tail band would extend to the whole width of the tail. in January 1945.