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1/32 Lt.L.Surzenko Polikarpov I-16 decals

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Profimodeller - 1/32 Lt.L.Surzenko Polikarpov I-16 decals
I-16 type 18 belonged to the defense of Murmansk in 1941 and Lieutenant L.Surzenko flew with him. It was colored by a
Standard Soviet camouflage beginning of the 1940s - upper green, lower light blue. The front part of the engine cover and
Propeller cover were green and end the arc of the vertical tail was red, the front label trim was silver. Interesting was another
Shade of green on the part of the transition of the panel between the hull of the vertical tail, which probably occurred during
The repair. Soviet Sovereign characters with black edging are located on both sides of the wing and on the hull side. There is
A silver 3a CCCP! in Cyrillic, on silver rudder number 13.
In some publications, Lieutenant Surzenko's aircraft is mistakenly referred to as I-16 type 24, and the color does not match
Reality. Mostly is drawn with a black engine cover, an improperly placed inscription, and the coat-of-arms features without
Trimming. Use the Humbrol HT1 Topside green, Humbrol HT2 Underside blue and HT5 Marker red.