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1/32 V.S.Andonkin Red Ace of WWII Hawker Hurricaine

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Profimodeller - 1/32 V.S.Andonkin Red Ace of WWII Hawker Hurricaine.
Born in 1913. Fought the Great Patriotic War from June 1941 in the 72nd Combined Air Regiment, Northern Fleet Air Force. He scored his first documented victory on June 29,1941, downing a Ju-88.
From March 1942 he fought in the 78th Fighter Regiment Northern Fleet Air Force.
Returned into the 78th Fighter Regiment in late 1942. From 1943 to March 1944 - in the 255th Fighter Regiment Northern Fleet Air Force. Captain. Flew an I-15bis, I-153, MiG-3, I-16, Hurricaine, P-39 Airacobra, completed over 500 missions, scored 25 Air victories (17+ 8).
Killed in action on March 17,1944 in a dogfight.
Hero of the Soviet Union (21.01.1944).
Hurricane (serial number Z3458, tactical number 80), 78th Fighter Regiment, Northern Fleet Air Force, Vasili Andokin's personal aircraft, summer 1943. The aircraft is rearmed
With Soviet cannons (2x20mm SVAK and 2x 12,7mm BK machine-guns) and carries standard British early camouflage in dark green and brown, lower surfaces are sky
Blue, earlywar red stars carry non standard lining in thin white (sides) and black lining wings.