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Schwerer Gelandegargiger Personenkraftwagen And Successors

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Mushroom Model Publications - Schwerer Gelandegargiger Personenkraftwagen And Successors Camera On series Part 27
Alan Ranger

This latest photo-album in the 'Camera On' series contains 140 photographs of a broad selection of Germany's heavy off-road passenger vehicles in operation with the Wehrmacht during World War II. It includes both the Schwerer Gelandegangiger Personenkraftwagen and its successors, the Horch 108 type 1 and its licensed-built Ford type Eg equivalents as well as the heavy cars built on light truck chassis such as the Styer 1500 and Mercedes 1500A & S types.

This book contains over 140 images of German heavy passenger cars photographed in operation in the conditions they had to work in. This volume illustrates these vehicles as the soldiers themselves viewed them in both their working environment and indeed in many cases the homes they had to live in, not the highly polished and sanitized views of the official photographers. The result is an invaluable reference for military historians and modellers

* Camera On: a new series of books on the equipment and operations of the German Wehrmacht in WW2.