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1/48 Colors and Markings of Republic F-105s Part I

CHF 23.30


Furball Aero-Design - 1/48 'Colors and Markings of Republic F-105s Part I' (F/D&S-4826)
15 options for F-105D/F/G's in 1/48 scale. All of these jets have the nose art and markings that they carried while serving in the Vietnam War. Here's a rundown of the aircraft that are covered in this set:

F-105D 60-5375, 33rd TFS, 'OLD CROW', Taklhi RTAB, 1970

F-105D 59-1743, 34TH TFS, 'ARKANSAS TRAVELER, Korat RTAB, 1968

F-105D 62-4270, 34TH TFS, 'NOLI No Legitime Carbor Undem EST', Korat RTAB, 1969

F-105D 59-1822, 44TH TFS, 'POLISH GLIDER', Takhli RTAB, 1970

F-105D 59-1743, 354TH TFS, 'LEAD ZEPPELIN', Takhli RTAB, 1969

F-105D 61-0159, 354TH TFS, 'HONEY Pot II/ Have Gun Will TRAVEL', Takhli RTAB, 1967

F-105D 62-4387, 354TH TFS, 'THE Grim REAPER', Takhli RTAB, 1970

F-105D 60-0504, 357TH TFS, 'MEMPHIS BELLE', Takhli RTAB, 1969

F-105D 59-1731, 357TH TFS, 'THE Frito BANDITO', Takhli RTAB, 1970

F-105D 61-0055, 469TH TFS, 'THE Impossible DREAM', Korat RTAB, 1967

F-105G 63-8291, 17TH WWS, 'MUTTLEY The Flying DOG', Korat RTAB, 1973

F-105G 63-8266, 17TH WWS, 'WHITE LIGHTNING', Korat RTAB, 1973

F-105G 62-4428, 561ST TFS, 'RED BALL', Korat RTAB, 1972

F-105G 63-8302, 44TH TFS, 'HALF A Yard / The Jefferson AIREPLANE', Takhli RTAB, 1972

Enough stencil and data decals are included to build 2 complete models.