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1/48 Air Wing All-Stars Super Hornets Part IV

CHF 30.30


Furball Aero-Design - 1/48 'Air Wing All-Stars Super Hornets Part IV' (48-081). This set covers (10) F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Cag and special-schemed jets. This set is optimized to work best with the new Meng kit however it should be easily adaptable to any 1/48 Super Hornet kit. Here are the Super Bugs covered:

VFA-11, F/A-18F 166626, AB-111, Uss Truman, 2017 (90th Anniversary Scheme)

VFC-12 F/A-18E 165783, AF-12, Nas Oceana, 2021 (SU-57 Adversary Scheme)

VFA-25 F/A-18E 166959, AG-400, Uss Bush, 2020 (Green-Tailed Cag Scheme)

VFA-32 F/A-18F 168468, AC-100, Uss Eisenhower, 2021 (Yellow-Tailed Cag Scheme)

VFA-34 F/A-18E 169641, AB-300, Uss Truman, 2022 (Blue Tailed Cag Scheme)

VFA-37 F/A-18E 165787, AJ-100, Uss Ford, 2021

VFA-97 F/A-18E 165906, AJ-300, Nas Lemore, 2020 (Adversary Scheme)

VFA-83 F/A-18E 166650, AC-200, Uss Eisenhower, 2022 (Blue Tailed Cag Scheme)

VFA-103 F/A-18F 166797, AG-200, Uss Bush, 2021 (CAG jet with Skull and Bones Pirate Flag on the Tail)

VFA-211 F/A-18F 166663, AB-222, Uss Truman, 2020 (Lo-Viz Vietnam War Commemorative MiG Killer Special Scheme)

This set includes enough stencil and data to build 2 complete models.