1/48 Raf Type B Bomb Trolleys Two trolleys, each with two Small

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Flightpath UK - 1/48 Raf Type 'B' Bomb Trolleys Two trolleys, each with two Small Bomb/Incendiary Carriers
The Type 'B' was introduced in 1937 to transport bombs and stores up to 1,000lb in weight. They saw service throughout the war years, although they had been largely replaced by the Type 'C' trolley at the end of hostilities. The height of these units could be altered by means of a hand-pumped hydraulic ram unit. Two trolleys are supplied, both with the additional framework for carrying two of the resin moulded incendiary/small bomb carriers included. These trolleys are a must for your medium bomber displays but were also seen with the heavy bombers if they were carrying a mix of incendiaries, often with a 4,000Ib or 8,000Ib 'Cookie' bomb see our Type 'D' Bomb Trolley kit