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1/72 F-16 Viper The Early Years

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Caracal Models - 1/72 F-16 'Viper' The Early Years
This 1/72 scale decal sheet in our 'The Early Years' series will take you to the humble beginnings of the 'Viper' the modern F-16 multirole fighter operated by more than 20 countries all over the world. We provide several marking options for the two prototypes, the first Fsd (full-scale development) jet, the unique F-16 Ccv and AFTI/F-16 research jets, and even the F-16/79 and F-16/101 variants. Many long hours of research went into the design of this decal sheet, which includes stencilling to build any one of the options.
The options on this decal sheet are:
YF-16 72-1567
YF-16 72-1567, 1975 European Flight Demonstration
YF-16 72-1568
YF-16 72-1568, prospective operator flags
YF-16 72-1568, prospective operator flags with Israeli flag
YF-16 72-1568, 'cloud' scheme
YF-16 Ccv 72-1567, Air Force Fight Dynamics Laboratory
F-16A 75-0745 (First Fsd jet)
F-16/79 75-0752 (GE J79 engine)
F-16/101 75-0745 (GE F101 engine)
AFTI/F-16 (Phase I/II)