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1/48 General-Dynamics EF-111A Spark Varks

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Caracal Models - 1/48 General-Dynamics EF-111A 'Spark Varks'
The EF-111 Raven was a highly capable electronic warfare aircraft based on the F-111A airframe. This decal sheet provides accurate and colorful markings for 10 different USAF Ravens, many with nose art.
Designed for the Academy kit, although we believe it should work on the Hobby Boss kit without any issue.
The options on this decal sheet are:
EF-111A 67-0041 'Knight Jammer'
EF-111A 67-0052 'Cherry Bomb'
EF-111A 66-0050 'Mistress of Deception'
EF-111A 66-0056 'Babyjam'
EF-111A 67-0041 'Let'Em Eat Crow'
EF-111A 66-0044 'Straight Flush'
EF-111A 66-0041, first EF-111A
EF-111A 66-0015
EF-111A 66-0021
EF-111A 66-0013