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1/72 Westland Scout & Wasp in Worldwide Service

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Air-Graphic Models - 1/72 Westland Wasp/Scout -
Westland Wasp HAS.1, NZ3906, 3 Squadron RNZAF/Navy, Hobsonville 1997 (with nose artwork)
Westland Wasp HAS.1, NZ3902 430 Hmnzs Waikato 1966 (Fern Leaf insignia)
Westland Wasp HAS.1, HS434 of 400 Squadron Indonesian Navy, Nas Juanda 1983
Westland Wasp HAS.1, 83/SR of 22 Squadron South African navy, Ysterplaat Afb 1980 s
Westland Wasp HAS.1, AH-12A, 236 of 860 Squadron, Royal Netherlands navy 1977
Westland Wasp HAS.1, M499-01 of 499 Squadron Malaysian Navy 1986
Westland Wasp UH-2, N7015 of HU.1, Brazilian Navy 1976
Westland Wasp HAS.1, XS527 of 829 Nas Hms Endurance 1980 s
Westland Wasp HAS.1, XT434 463 of 829 Nas aboard Hmc Cleopatra 1972
Westland Wasp HAS.1, XS537 O of 845 Nas Hms Bulwark 1967 (Mid Green scheme)
Westland Wasp HAS.1, XS539 of 849 Nas Fac aircraft, Hms Albion 1970 (Dark Green scheme)
Westland Wasp HAS.1, XT422 Z/B of 829 NAS, Hms Bulwark 1972 (Mid Green scheme)
Westland Wasp HAS.1, XT426 80 , 706 Nas Ats Rnas Culdrose 1971
Westland Wasp HAS.1, XT795 of 829 NAS, Rms St Helena, Falklands War 1982
Westland Scout AH.1, 305 of Jordanian Royal Flight, Amman 1965
Westland Scout AH.1, 5X-UUW of Ugandan Air Wing 1966
Westland Scout AH.1, XP165 of Epts 1966 (Medium Sea Grey and Sky scheme)
Westland Scout AH.1, XR436 of Etps 1973 (Red and White scheme)
Westland Scout AH.1, XP849 of Etps 1993 (Raspberry Ripple scheme)
Westland Scout AH.1, XP849 of Etps 1983 (Standard Army Green and Tan scheme)
Westland Scout AH.1, XW281 of 3 CBAS, Royal Marines 1982
Westland Scout AH.1, XP907 F of 3 CBAS, Royal Marines 1975
Westland Scout AH.1, XP890 of 664 Squadron AAC, Un Duties Cyprus 1964
Westland Scout AH.1, XR628 of 8 Independent Reconnaissance Flight Aac Aden 1964
Westland Scout AH.1, XT643 of 660 Squadron Aac Sek Kong/Hong Kong 18=980
Westland Scout AH.1, XV122 50K of 652 Squadron Aac during Exercise Crusader West Germany 1980 (White recon markings)
Westland Scout AH.1, XP633 of 666 Squadron Aac Middle Wallop (Carrying large Red Star)
Westland Scout AH.1, XW614 of 653 Squadron Aac Aldergrove Northern Ireland 1970 s
Westland Scout AH.1, N8-101 893 of 723 Nas Royal Australian Navy
Westland Scout AH.1, XR637 of 8 Special Forces Flight (SAS), Aac based at Hereford 1977 (Light Grey scheme)