Hataka Hobby - Modern Swedish AF paint set vol. 1
Early Swedish AF jet fighters (incl. Saab 29 Tunnan) wore overall natural metal livery and were to be camouflaged only in case of war. In early 1960s tests were carried out to find appropriate colours for Saab 35 Draken, as the standard olive green (Green Drab, 325M) commonly used at that time (incl. on Saab 32 Lansen) was considered too light. In 1964 the 2-colour camouflage (328M + 438M / 058M) was introduced on all Saab 35 Draken variants plus on Sk 60 and Sk 61 of the Air Force. Famous 4-colour splinter camouflage was introduced onto all variants of Saab 37 'Viggen' in early 1970s and subsequently adopted on various Swedish AF, Army and Navy aircraft.