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1/72 Arado Ar-234 Blitz

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Print Scale - 1/72 Arado Ar-234 Blitz
1. Ar.234B-2. Unit: Sonderkommando Sperling. Serial: T9+HH (W.Nr.140150). Rheine, later 1944. All upper surfaces in splinter pattern RLM 70/71 Schwarzgrun and Dunkelgrun with RLM 65 Heliblau undersides.
2. Ar.234B-2bpr. Unit: Sonderkommando Sperling 1./VVoKL. Serial: T9+KH (W.Nr.140151). Pilot - Oblt.Werner Muffey. Rheine, November 1944. The nose art represents a farting sparrow and was present on all aircraft belonging to Kommando Sperling.
3. Ar.234B-2. Unit: III/KG 76. Serial: F1+AD. Pilot - commander of III/KG 76 Hans-Georg Batcher. January 1945.
4. Ar.234B-2b. Unit: Sonderkommando Sommer. Serial: T9+EH (W.Nr.140344). Pilot - Oblt.Erich K.Sommer. Udine airfield, Italy, April 1945.
5. Ar.234B-2. Unit: Einsatzstaffel.III/KG 76. Serial: F1+BT (W.Nr.140160). Pilot - Hptm.Dieter Lukesch, commander of Einsatzstaffel.III./KG76. . Munster-Handorf airfield. December 1944 - January 1945.
6. Ar.234B-2. Unit: 1./(F)22. Serial: T5+BH (W.Nr.140 ). Pilot - Lt.Helmut Reinert. Burg/Magdeburg, on 1st April 1945.
This aircraft was flown by Lieutenant Helmut Reinert from Burg near Magdeburg on 1st April 1945. It is shown here in RLM70/82/76, one of several possible camouflage schemes. Twelve days later Burg was in Russian hands and Lt. Reinert was in hospital.
7. Ar.234B-2/N. Unit: Kommando Bonow. Serial: SM+FE (W.Nr.140145). Pilot - Hptm. Josef Bisping.
8. Ar.234B-2. Unit: 9./KG 76. Serial: F1+AT. Munster-Handorf airfield, 1945.
9. Ar.234B-2. Unit: 8./KG 76. Serial: F1+AS (W.Nr.140456). Based at Burg. Pilot - Uffz.Arnold Przetak. This aircraft was shot down on February 25th, 1945 by Murphy and White from 364th FG, USAAF.
10. Ar.234B-2. Unit: 8./KG 76. Serial: F1+CS (W.Nr.140325). Burg, December 1944. All upper surfaces in splinter pattern RLM 70/71. Schwarzgrun and Dunkelgrun with RLM 65 Heliblau undersides.
11. Ar.234B-2. Unit: 6./KG 76. Serial: F1+BS. Pilot - Lt.Hans-Egon Arndt. Rechlin, 1944. On October 12th, 1944 this aircraft crashed during take off.