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1/72 Dassault Mirage F.1 Part 1

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Print Scale - 1/72 Dassault Mirage F.1 Part 1
1. Mirage F.1CG Unit: 342 MPK, 114 PM. Serial: 105 (c/n 59). Mirage F.1CG '105', basically as delivered to the EPA, in 1978, albeit with the badge of the 342 MPK applied on the fin. Only two Mirages are known to have carried this bade: except '105' the other was '113'.
2. Mirage F.1EQ-1 Unit: 92nd FS, IrAF. Serial: 4010 belonged to the first batch of 16 F.1EQs supplied to Iraq between April and October 1981, where it entered service with the 92nd FS. The unit suffered extensive losses during the first series of engagements with IRIAF F-14s, most of which occurred in December 1981 inside the Kuwaiti airspace!
3. Mirage F.1EQ-5. Part: IrAF. Number: 4578 It is believed that the Iraqi Mirages F.1EQ-5, equipped with Cyrano IV-M radar and
AM.39 Exocet anti-ship missiles, turned out to be the 'star' of the tanker war. However, these machines suffered heavy losses in 1988.
4. Mirage F1EQ-4: Iran Air Force. Serial:3-6205, first flight in IRIAF service, 1993. 21/01/2012
5. Mirage F1EQ6 Iran Air Force. Serial:3-6210. Tehran Mehrabad International (THR / OIII) Iran February 28, 2013.
6. Mirage F.1CE. Unit: Escuadron 141 Patanes, Ala de Caza 14, Ejercito del Aire. Serial: 14-15 (C.14-15). Spain was one of the first export users of the Mirage F.1, ordering 15 Mirage F.1CE interceptors in 1972. All of Spain's 73 Mirages are assigned to the Ala de Caza 14 (Fighter Wing 14).
7. Mirage F1CE of Escuadron 141 (Ala de Caza 14) of Spain's Ejercito del Aire based at Albacete, and (left) the emblem of Ala 14. The Mirage F1CE is scheduled to remain in service with the Air Combat Command (MACOM) of the Fuerza Aerea throughout the 'eighties.
8. Mirage F.1CZ. Unit: 3 Sqn, SAAF.Serial: 206. AFB Rundu, 1987. Piloted by Capart Arthur Piercy during a dogfight against MiG-23, it was damaged and forced landed. Pilot seriously wounded hard after ejection and paralyzed.
9. Mirage F.1CH. Unit: Escadrille de Chasse Assad, Al Quwwat Aljawwiya Almalakiya Marakishiya. Serial: 127
Sidi Slimane AFB, Morocco, 1980.
10. Ecuador Air Force Dassault Mirage F1JA FAE803. Guayaquil Jose Joaquin de Olmedo (Simon Bolivar) (GYE / SEGU)
Ecuador October 14, 2010.