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1/48 Usmc Jump Jets

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  • Produktcode:FBD48073
  • Marke:Furball Aero-Design
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Furball Aero-Design - 1/48 Usmc Jump Jets This set has options for 10 AV-8/C Harrier jets in 1/48 scale. Enough stencils are included to build 2 complete models. Although sized to fit the new Kinetic kit, this set should work with the venerable Monogram kit as well. Here are the options covered:
-VMA-231, AV-8A 159240, NM-601, Uss F.D. ROOSEVELT, 1976
-VMA-231 Det A, AV-8A 159258, CG-4, Mcas Cherry Point 1977
-VMA-513 Det A, AV-8A 159232, WF-1, Mcas IWAKUNI, 1976
-VMA-513, AV-8A 158966, WF-11, Mcas Cherry POINT, 1976
-VMA-513, AV-8A 158968, WF-5, Mcas YUMA, 1977
-VMA-542, AV-8A 158964, WH-00, Mcas Cherry POINT, 1975
-VMA-542, AV-8A 158964, WH-24, Mcas Cherry POINT, 1975
-VMA-542, AV-8C 159254, WH-12, Mcas Cherry POINT, 1986
-VX-5, AV-8C 158706, XE-27, Nas China LAKE, 1981