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1/72 General-Dynamics EF-111A Spark Varks

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Caracal Models - 1/72 General-Dynamics EF-111A 'Spark Varks'
The EF-111 Raven was a highly capable electronic warfare aircraft based on the F-111A airframe. This decal sheet provides accurate and colorful markings for 10 different USAF Ravens, many with nose art.
Designed for the 1/72 scale Hasegawa kit, although we believe it should work on the Monogram kit without any issue.
The options on this decal sheet are:
EF-111A 67-0041 'Knight Jammer'
EF-111A 67-0052 'Cherry Bomb'
EF-111A 66-0050 'Mistress of Deception'
EF-111A 66-0056 'Babyjam'
EF-111A 67-0041 'Let'Em Eat Crow'
EF-111A 66-0044 'Straight Flush'
EF-111A 66-0041, first EF-111A
EF-111A 66-0015
EF-111A 66-0021
EF-111A 66-0013