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1/72 General-Dynamics F-111A Aardvark

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Caracal Models - 1/72 General-Dynamics F-111A Aardvark:
A 1/72 version of our recent F-111A sheet, with thirteen different options covering both Vietnam War and postwar Aardvarks.
This 1/72 scale decal sheet features markings for the first operational version of the venerable F-111 attack jet : the F-111A.

We chose markings to represent most of the units that flew the 'Aardvark' during it first few years service in the USAF, starting with the 'Harvest Reaper' jets that took part in the Combat Lancer deployment to the Vietnam War and continuing with a few aircraft that participated in the later Constant Guard/Linebacker deployments.
The options on this decal sheet are:
F-111A 66-0017, Combat Lancer 1968
F-111A 66-0018, Combat Lancer 1968
F-111A 66-0020, Combat Lancer 1968
F-111A 66-0022, Combat Lancer 1968
F-111A 66-0026, 442nd TFTS
F-111A 67-0032, 389th TFS
F-111A 67-0034, 430th TFS
F-111A 67-0037, 474th TFW
F-111A 67-0068, 429th Tfs (combat loss during Constant Guard V)
F-111A 67-0070, 391st TFS
F-111A 67-0081, 347th TFW
F-111A 67-0092, 430th TFS
F-111A 67-0094, 430th Tfs (Cambodian gunboat kill marking)