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1/48 North-American FJ-2 Fury Part 1

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Caracal Models - 1/48 North-American FJ-2 Fury Part 1
This decal sheet provides seven high-quality marking options and accurate stencilling for the FJ-2 Fury. Designed for the Kitty Hawk kit, our new FJ-2 sheets will allow you to replace the inaccurate kit decals and build a detailed model of this important early jet from almost any of the units that operated the type.
Limited release of 250 sets only.
The options on this decal sheet are:
XFJ-2 BuNo. 133755
YFJ-2 BuNo. 131937
FJ-2 BuNo. 132017, VMF-232, USMC
FJ-2 BuNo. 132055, VMF-334, USMC
FJ-2 BuNo. 131951, VMF-122, USMC
FJ-2 BuNo. 132065, H&MS-32, USMC
FJ-2 BuNo. 131935, Nas St. Louis, US Navy Reserve