1/144 C-135 Recon Variants

1/144 C-135 Recon Variants

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Caracal Models - 1/144 C-135 Recon Variants: RC-135/WC-135. While it provides many interesting USAF recon/weather C-135 variants that you can model by converting your Minicraft kits, it also features several RC-135V/W options that you can use on your new Roden RC-135W kit out of the box. The KC-135 Stratotanker was not only a tanker in its reconnaissance variants, it has been serving as an important intelligence asset during the Cold War and beyond. This Caracal set provides markings for 11 (eleven) RC-135/WC-135 variants from various periods.

This set is intended to be used with various Minicraft KC-135 kits and conversion sets, as well as the Roden RC-135V kit for the Rivet Joint options.
Please note that while this decal sheet includes only minimal maintenance stencilling. You can source these markings from our 1/144 scale KC-135 General Markings Set (CD144004) or the kit decals.

This sheet is intended to be used with the AMT/ERTL kits.
The options on this decal sheet are:
OC-135B 61-2670 Open Skies reconnaissance jet
WC-135B 61-2665
WC-135C 62-3582
RC-135U 64-14849 (TF33 engines) with Soviet 'excellent aircraft' badge nose art
RC-135U 64-14849 (F108 engines) with sharkmouth/li>,
RC-135W 62-4134 Rivet Joint
RC-135V 64-14845 Rivet Joint
RC-135V 64-14841 Rivet Joint
RC-135S 61-2664 Cobra Ball (aircraft lost in 1981 profile not shown
RC-135W Rivet Joint 'ZZ664', RAF
RC-135W Rivet Joint 'ZZ664', anniversary markings, Raf