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AK Interactive - High quality paint for brushes and airbrush. 17ml bottle. The paint is designed to be effective for airbrush and brush, and is water- soluble, avoiding strong smells and harmful solvents. Non toxic. It can be easily thinned with the specific acrylic thinner or water if necessary. We recommend ak-712 acrylic thinner for thinning. There’s no need to dilute the paints when you decide to use ythe airbrush. When applied by brush they also have a greater degree of coverage. Use alone or mix with other acrylic paints to obtain a different color. Shake before each use. Dries completely in 24 hours.

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Achetez-le maintenant<br>nous livrerons dans 2-4 semaines
Achetez-le maintenant
nous livrerons dans 2-4 semaines

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1/72 Union General Staff set 2
1/72 Union General Staff set 2
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